Thursday, January 29, 2015

elliptical; very slow 8K

Yesterday: 45 min elliptical

Today: This morning was a very slow 8K. But it's done. My legs felt fine - no weird soreness, not sore in any way, but I was just slow. By 6K they felt very heavy, and then I was even slower. No matter - coach promised that times are not important right now. I have a hard time remembering that, and I admit it's discouraging being so slow, but I have to remember that climbing out of this hole is going to be very slow at the outset and then I'll gain momentum. Hopefully.

For the record, the weather was -2.2C (28F) with a very slight breeze. It felt a lot colder, perhaps because the humidity was 90%. Damp makes everything feel colder. Brrrrrr. The air quality was good, though - we have a problem with pollution here, especially in the winter. Today the PM2.5 was 3.9 ug/m3, which is quite good for January (a "green" day), but we had a front come through and clean things out. Other mornings this week the air quality has been "yellow", at 21 ug/m3 or more. I am going to start tracking this and see if it's affecting my workouts. Ironically, I received a telephone survey as I was typing this, and the survey had many questions about my opinion about what the Utah Legislature should do about our air quality. It does impact my life as someone who exercises outside and as someone who has young children who do not get to play outside at school on "red" days.

Anyway...that was a long detour.

Total time was 52:55 for 6:37/km with ave HR 149. 

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