Saturday, January 31, 2015

10K racewalking :)

I made it to 10K, AND I feel good. Mostly. My toe got more annoyed than usual, starting to bug me a lot at 8K or so. I probably need to take some ibuprofen and ice it but I keep putting it off...lots to do on the weekend.

The weather was very cooperative, warm for January at 2.8C (37F) with a light breeze and sunshine, and very little air pollution with PM2.5 at 3.9 ug/m3 this morning. I took Sugar along and we had a very enjoyable walk together.

My Garmin has been acting really odd in the first 500m of my walks. Sometimes it WAY overestimates the distance and sometimes underestimates. This morning it marked 500m about 30 seconds too I'm adding 30 sec to my total time for "10K" as the watch recorded it. It's funny, because after that first 500m it always seems fine; when I do the same route it marks 500m at the same spots. Oh well. Annoying but not insurmountable.

I felt very good today - my legs felt well-recovered, and were not heavy and tired until about 8.5km. That is a vast improvement over Thursday and Friday. I know I'll have more bad days, but I have to enjoy the good ones, right?

Total: 10K in 1:03:58 (with the extra 30 sec) for 6:24/km with ave HR 149. 

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