Saturday, January 03, 2015

7.77km :)

Look what I did! :)

7.77km on the Jordan River Parkway with Sarah. Sarah does Galloway run:walk, so I did 2 min racewalk: 1 min walk with her for the distance. She was doing 9 miles total; I met her after she did 4.1 miles, so the 7.77km was the remaining 4.9 miles she had to do. I figured my toe would hold up, and it did. It was really fine until about 6K when it started to be more painful, but it never got terrible. I was glad I could be out there, even though I felt like I was walking through sludge, and felt like a big uncoordinated oaf.

Then Sarah took me for a latte (skinny mocha). Yum! I'm lucky to have a friend like her :).

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