Wednesday, January 14, 2015

3.5km racewalking

I have a cold now (thanks to my adorable petri-dish-viral-incubator children) and with the exhaustion from the trip slept from 9pm to just before 7am. I got up and still figured I had time to do a quick RW before getting the kids off to school. They are old enough now that they do most of the preparations themselves but still need a little supervision.

I wasn't sure that RW was a great idea because of feeling sick, but decided that I could always quit if it was too bad. It felt good, actually, except for stopping to hack and cough about halfway through :). My legs felt fine for the 3.5 km, and my toe hurt for the first km (maybe a 2 out of 10 pain-wise) but then settled down and didn't bother me much.

Total: 3.5km in 22:43 for 6:29/km with ave HR 148. Garmin data here. 

If I feel good later, might go to the gym for some elliptical. If not, I will rest.

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