Monday, January 19, 2015


It feels lame to be excited about making it 8K, but I am, and it's not lame, so I am going to celebrate it anyway. Yesterday I took a rest day; I was pretty sore after Saturday's 6K. Just the normal DOMS mind you, nothing else - no weird soreness - but I was even still a bit sore this morning when I woke up. I stretched a bit before getting out of my warm, comfy bed, and I could feel the muscles whining a bit, but knew it was nothing serious so didn't worry.

I lazed around a bit, enjoying the holiday morning (kids are old enough to entertain themselves, more or less, with some minor intervention for fights), and then got dressed to go racewalk. It is really warm here right now for January, not that I'm complaining! It was 40F (4C) when I went out at about 9:30am, and calm and partly cloudy. I took the dog and started walking. My toe whined for about the first km as usual, but then settled in and didn't bother me much. My legs felt great for the first 3km, and then my layoff and lack of RW fitness took its toll and I started to hurt a bit. It wasn't bad, though, and definitely not a death march, for which I was grateful. Just garden-variety heavy legs from disuse. I still made it the 8K in decent time (for me right now).

Total: 8K in 51:32 for 6:26/km with ave HR 151. My HR was pretty high going up the slight incline at the end; I'm out of shape :(. But that will change.

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