Saturday, January 17, 2015

elliptical; 6K

Yesterday: 40 min elliptical.

Today: Jim said I should do another 6K. I think if the last one hadn't been so tough he'd have suggested 8K, but 6K it was, and that was fine. Today went much better than Thursday! Since it's Saturday and I had the luxury of waiting until the sun was up to walk, that's what I did. It was still cold out, though, and since it had snowed a little/freezing rain last night, the roads were quite slick with black ice in many spots, particularly on my street and some of the smaller streets. It did slow me down a little in places, as there's absolutely no toe push possible on ice. However, most of my route was fairly ice-free, though I had to walk on the outside edge of the sidewalk in Liberty Park.

My legs felt a lot better today; my shins are still a bit sore, and my hamstrings are complaining a little about Wednesday's and Thursday's workouts, but not enough to be a problem. Overall, I felt decent today and though I pushed a little to do it, I was able to maintain a 6:30/km pace on average. I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that that used to be slow for me. Right now it is what it is. I'm coming back from a lot of stuff and I have to accept it and be patient with it. On the bright side, Sugar (our dog) is so happy to be out walking again :). She was socializing a lot with the other dogs en route, and it was nice to have her along. Oh, and I almost forgot - I ran into my RW buddies Nancy and Diane at Liberty Park and stopped for a chat. They were out with a new RWer, Carol, and it was just so nice to see them. We chatted about this and that and we are all really looking forward to going to the 15K in Riverside in May.

My toe is doing OK. It hurts a little when I walk and when I RW, but it's not severe. It definitely gets a bit annoyed from racewalking, but in my judgment not enough to justify continued time off.

Total: 6K in 39:02 for 6:30/km with ave HR 149. Garmin data here. 

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