Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Weather: 30F (-1.1C) and calm and clear. Air quality good. It was dark when I started though, as usual for a weekday winter morning.

I walked 6K today, and after doing 8K yesterday it went all right. My legs actually felt a bit better than yesterday, but I was slower, at 6:35/km on average today. I was annoyed that I was so slow, but despite pushing up the incline at the end, with HR 160, I just couldn't go any faster. It's frustrating to start over, and it feels like all that spinning I did was for nothing. I know it'd be worse if I hadn't done the spinning, but it doesn't FEEL that way. It just feels kinda crappy.

I had a tiny bit of soreness yesterday afternoon upon prolonged sitting (1.5 hr coffee with Sarah); this morning there is some soreness in hammies and glutes. Maybe some of the weird soreness. Maybe not. Hard to tell.

Total for today: 6K in 39:32 with ave HR 153, for 6:35/km. 

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