Monday, January 26, 2015

slow 8K but still feeling good

Coach Jim told me to not worry at all about my speed right now. If I'm slow for the next month, no matter; what's critical is recovery from workouts. So, when I was slow this morning, I tried to just focus on getting some exercise, having good form, and just enjoying being out there. The latter was a bit tricky because it was chilly, though my dog Sugar loved it. Considering that it's January it was actually pretty warm, but I'm a cold wimp. It was 31F (about -1C) and calm and clear, but my legs felt rather cold, and I was more than ready for a hot shower afterward.

I was slow and my legs felt surprisingly heavy, though none of the weird soreness was apparent. After yesterday's rest day I figured I'd be faster, but oh well. I wasn't.

Total time: 8K in 52:41 for 6:35/km with ave HR 155. 

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