Thursday, January 15, 2015


Today was a toughie. I am soooooooooo out of shape when it comes to racewalking. Obviously I'm in good cardiovascular shape with all the spinning I've been doing, but my RW muscles are out of condition, big-time. My shins were sore (so rookie!) this morning when I went out, and everything just felt heavy and flat. I was slow. I mostly managed not to get too down about this, realizing that it's just gonna be this way for a bit and I have to get through it and be kind to myself about it.

It was an average January morning, at -4C (25F) and calm and a bit foggy as we're having the rumblings of an inversion. Yay. Crappy air quality on the way. Oh well... winter... I'm doing my part by taking the bus instead of driving to work. Today I didn't get in my car at all, as I RW for exercise (did not drive to the gym) and then took the bus to work and back home. Loren picked up the kids from afterschool, but other than that, I don't think he drove either as he worked from home today.

Anyway...totals for the workout: 6K in a slow 40:20 for 6:43/km with ave HR 144. Slow and painful. But it's a start.

Garmin data here. 

Edited to add: toe is doing decently; still hurts but not any worse after RW and doesn't hurt a lot. Also, muscles may be sore but it's not the weird soreness. None of that :) for which I'm grateful.

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