Friday, January 02, 2015

New Year's Revolution "Run"; Spinning

Yesterday: Guess what? I walked/racewalked 5.3km (12 laps of the Olympic Oval @442m each) and my toe was tolerable. Yes, it hurt a bit. Yes, I am still limping a bit (not a lot but enough that Nancy could tell which foot it was). But...I was able to get out there and do it. I did a few moderate pace laps (felt hard, but were not actually fast) as well as some nice and easy slower laps with Diane and Nancy. Yeah, and it took me 42 minutes to do it...sigh... but hey, at least I was out there. Ave HR only 127 so obviously not up to using RW as real exercise just yet; some laps it was high enough but I had to be careful of my toe and take it easy on other laps. Didn't want to overdo and make things worse.

Calvin came with me and did 13 laps (fast! He's a good little runner!) and we met my friend Sarah and her daughter Alle there. Post-race, we enjoyed brunch at the Dodo, always a favorite. I had a really good veggie omelet and a coffee. Lots of coffee :). Good coffee :) :) :).

Today: Spinning with Jen; it was a "recovery" workout as Jen taught a monster 90-min class yesterday (which I had to miss to go to the race...but that was OK!). I pushed it a bit harder than she said this morning so I'd get a good workout in, and that was excellent. My mood is a lot better today and I'm looking forward to training again in a few weeks (fingers crossed!). 

After spinning, I did some abs and some glute work for 10-15 min. I think I'll be feeling that tomorrow... but I MUST get back into shape and lift weights/do yoga/strength train again. It's time. I can feel that I need to be stronger. Let's hope I can stay motivated; provided I can keep my mood elevated enough I think I can. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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