Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I felt better this morning. Better enough to do 10K anyway.

I did the first 5K alone, and a bit too fast... 29:29! I felt good and it didn't feel hard, so I went with it. I'd say about 4K in that my legs started to feel a bit sore, but otherwise no problems.

Adriana met me at the 5K point and we did 5K together. I think I mentioned her yesterday - she is an aspiring young walker in need of a bit of mentoring. I agreed to go her speed for the last 5K, which actually felt really good. She did a bit over 34 minutes, so my total was 1:03:35 for the 10K with average HR 145.

I really enjoyed the company and it's been good getting to know Adriana. Hopefully her speed and endurance will increase and I'll have a great training partner again. No one will replace Kelly, but I'm hoping Kelly will be back to racewalking this fall. She's going to be in Africa a while on a humanitarian PT trip, and then on an away rotation, so I won't see much of her until October.

Sadly, my legs are sore and whiny now, and I'm sleepy. I'd love a nap but work and children will prevent that.

Garmin data here.

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