Saturday, April 27, 2013

cross-training; 15K

Yesterday I cross-trained. I did the elliptical for 35 min or so, and while I was at the gym I also did my PT exercises for my hip and Jim's exercises for my back. 2 min plank, 45 sec side plank each side with leg raises and hip dips, plank on each side rotating trunk towards ground 10x, jump-ups to bench activating toe push & glutes & core, hip hikes, bench press & overhead extensions & chest fly (2x10 each w/o pause, one-armed) with shoulders on ball and maintaining straight body position engaging glutes.

Then, because it was a really nice day, I biked to work and back for 35 min more cardio. Awesome. I ate really healthy food too :).

Noticed my hamstrings were sore from the track workout, esp. my left. Just muscle soreness not an injury, but it makes sense since the hamstrings don't get so much of a workout from the bike or elliptical. Getting back into RW shape hurts. Calves a bit sore too.


Today I woke with hamstrings still sore and hip tight. Rolled it all out on the medicine ball, chatted with Jim on Facebook because I was procrastinating going out (I knew it was going to be rough) and then got going. At least the weather was nice. OK, it wasn't nice. It was amazingly gorgeous this morning. It was about 45F (7C) when I started and 50F (10C) when I finished, and it was sunny and calm. Sooooooo nice after winter. We don't get that many gorgeous spring days here either, so I'm soaking it in while it lasts. It'll be cold and rainy (or snowy) soon enough.

The yeah, it was bad. I was tired at 3.5k and texted Jim. He said I'd probably have to stop and to do what I could. Well...that made me determined to finish. I got mad that I have not been able to keep to any sort of a training schedule. I made a deal with myself that as long as I could keep my pace faster than 7 min/km I'd keep going. Otherwise I'd turn for home. That worked out OK, as I managed to do that all the way to 13.5km, but by then I was on my way home and there wasn't a faster way to get back. This 15K was just a slog, and I'd say I didn't mind so much because it was nice to be outside, but I'd be lying because it really just hurt. I mean, I did enjoy being outside, but the pain of the workout pretty much negated the enjoyment of outside. Oh well. I am done, and I did the whole thing, and I feel good about that.

My hamstrings felt fine other than being sore, and my hip did all right too. I'm glad to be recovering, and though I'm not 100% I'm definitely improving. Now if I could just get back into shape. This part of training is my least favorite - coming back from injury and the slog that it is to get going again.

5K split was about 31:15 and 10K was about 1:04:30 so it wasn't too awful until the last 5K, which was about 35!

Total time: 1:39:27 for 6:38/km with ave HR 148. Garmin data here.

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