Tuesday, April 16, 2013

change of plans

Today a 5K fartlek was on the schedule. I woke up still quite sore (injury sore, not muscle sore) from yesterday, and worried. I went to the indoor track so that if I couldn't do the workout I'd be able to hop on the bike and still get some exercise.

First I rolled out my hip on the medicine ball and then I warmed up with 8 laps (211m each) on the indoor track. During lap #7 I threw in a pickup like I usually do when warming up for a fartlek. My hip was doing so-so up to that point, but that pretty much threw it out. I was almost limping and knew a 5K fartlek wasn't happening. So, I stretched a bunch, rolled out my sore hip some more, and put in some time on the stationary bike.

I'm OK with this small setback, as I am pretty sure it's temporary and I just need to baby it a bit to get back to where I was. It's the usual recover-from-injury-and-slide-back thing. Annoying and frustrating, but expected.

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