Wednesday, April 17, 2013

cross-training; weight training

I rode the stationary bike this morning for an hour. Yeah, I'd rather have been racewalking, but honestly it was kind of nice to be in a warm gym reading, because it was about 30F (-1C) and WINDY. Nasty windy. Brrrrrrrr. It's supposed to be colder tonight (24F) and still windy. Winter, GO AWAY already!

Tonight I did a whole bunch of weight training/PT exercises. I have enough equipment at home now to do all of them here, which was kind of nice! I have a medicine ball, and exercise ball, and several sets of small dumbbells (5 lb, 8 lb, 10 lb). 2 sets of the following:

1. Bench press, overhead extensions, chest flies (10 lb each arm) all in a row with shoulders on exercise ball and keeping back straight and glutes activated. Jim wants me to do this to work my back muscles, which he suspects may be weak.
2. Lying on floor on stomach, lifting alternate arm/leg with small weights (5 lb each arm).
3. Plank: regular plank (just 1 min after the previous exercise! Usually I do 2 min.), side plank lifting leg and then doing hip dips (45 sec each side with 8 leg lifts and 8 hip dips), side plank twisting torso toward ground (10 reps each side).
4. Lower abs: lying on back, hold exercise ball between feet and lift and lower, 15x.
5. Lunges around in a circle 3x: once w/o weight, once w/medicine ball overhead lifts, once w/medicine ball towards leg that is lunging.
6. Jump forward a few feet and up one stair, activating glutes and pushing off big toe and keeping core activated. 10-12x each leg.
7. Hip hikes 10-12x each leg.
8. One legged squats, 10-12x each leg.

Whew. I'm done now. Side benefit: gets rid of the after-dinner food cravings :).

Tomorrow morning I plan to try a fartlek again. My hip still feels a bit sore so I'm not sure what will happen.

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