Wednesday, April 10, 2013

cross-training; 3km fartlek (actually 3165m) on indoor track

Yesterday I did the elliptical for 45 minutes. I was very glad to cross-train, because the weather was lousy. It was about 26F (-3C) with 25mph (40kph) winds. Ridiculous! It snowed a bit, but just a dusting so at least the footing would've been good.

Today I planned to meet Kelly at the indoor track. She was riding the stationary bike (she has a contusion on her meniscus and can't walk for a while, sadly) and said she'd cheer me on. I had thought the weather was going to be bad; last night I checked it, and the forecast said windy and 26F. Well, they were wrong. It was calm and 32F, so I could have gone outside. It was good to see Kelly, regardless.

I warmed up on the 211m track, doing 8 laps in 10:13. My hip felt pretty good. I did some dynamic stretching and rolled out my hip on the medicine ball, and got started on the 3km fartlek. It felt hard but short, mercifully :). I felt strong today, and it was easier than last week. However, my hip did hurt while I was walking fast. It hurt less than it did last week, but it did bother me a bit, and continues to be slightly irritated even now (at 3 pm, 9 hours after I did the workout).

Here are my times:

1055m fast: 5:38.2; 527.5m medium effort 3:03.1, 527.5m fast 2:47.3, 527.5m medium effort 3:07.0, 527.5m fast 2:49.2; total time 17:24.8.

Converted to a normal track (divided by 1.055 to give 1km and 500m splits): 5:20.6, 2:53.6, 2:38.6, 2:57.3, 2:40.4 for a total of 16:30.3.

I'm pleased with this improvement from last week in my time. My pain level was less, too, so that's good, though of course I'd prefer to be pain-free.

I finished off with 30 min on the elliptical followed by some of my PT exercises.

Garmin data here.

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