Tuesday, April 23, 2013

lots of cross-training

Yesterday I did the elliptical AND then rode my bike to and from work for a total of an hour of good cardio.

I also did lots of PT exercises and strength training exercises from my coach.


Today I was going to try 12K. I started walking and made it just a few steps when my shins started screaming. Yeah...they are still sore from the half marathon; the right more sore than the left, but still sore. I figured it was just the downhill at the start of my route, so I kept going until I got to 500m where it is flatter. Shins were still screaming. I stopped to stretch, considered what I should do, and turned back for home. I'm paranoid about shin pain since hurting my anterior tibialis a couple years ago just before the 15K in May, and I didn't want a repeat of this, so I decided to stop.

I went to the gym, did  about 25 min on the stationary bike, and then 20 min on the elliptical. After that I got the kids to school and then biked to work (another 25 min of cardio). At least I got about the same amount of cardio that I would have from the 12K.

I'm hoping that my shins will permit 10K tomorrow. We'll see.

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