Monday, April 08, 2013

elliptical; 10K

Yesterday I opted for 1 hour on the elliptical. I lost some weight last week, and I need to keep it up. I did some baking this weekend, so I definitely needed the exercise :). The elliptical felt like a breeze, and the time passed quickly with my book (John Scalzi serial sci-fi) and magazine (Runner's World).


Today Jim thought 10K would be good. We are being very cautious about mileage increases, with good reason. It was nice out this morning, until it started to rain. It was 45F (7C) and it felt good for 6km, and then the rain began. Light at first, but then heavier; I started to get cold and put my gloves back on and hoped I'd be home soon.

My piriformis felt OK today. It progressively tightened up as I went, but stretching with leg swings and activating glutes with step-downs at 4km and 7km seemed to loosen things up and then I felt fine. Again, I had to concentrate quite hard to maintain good form. I'm not sure I did it all the time...the rain was definitely a distraction. Despite that, I was pretty fast today, and I think my body is starting to remember how to do this. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe I will be able to do the 15K in Riverside on May 19th :). We have a girls' weekend planned (Nancy, Kathy and I plan to drive down and stop and relax along the way) and I don't want to miss it. Plus we could actually get a team medal for the Wasatch Walkers! Woooo hooo!

Total time: 1:00:22 for 6:02/km with average HR 150.

Garmin data here.

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