Tuesday, April 30, 2013

12K. Tired...very very tired.

In brief, today was a lot like last Saturday. Tired legs, nothing left, slogging my way to the finish. One difference was that I had to work afterwards, and it was one of those days at work, which lead to crashing on the couch when I got home and sleeping for a couple hours.

So, I'm just getting around to my blog now, and my family is kind of wondering what's up and why mommy hasn't made dinner yet. Oops.

I am pretty sure if I'd tried to make 15K today that I might have been even slower than on Saturday. But I did finish my 12K marginally faster.

The weather was a non-factor - it was quite nice, at 50F (10C) with a breeze.

Total time: 1:18:50 for 6:34/km with ave HR 146. Yup. Slow. Ouch.

I did work on my technique, for what that is worth. Not much when I'm that slow. My hip? Yeah, it bothered me quite a bit today. I had to stop frequently to stretch, and the pain was a 2/10 for a good while. It didn't get worse or I would have stopped.

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