Thursday, April 25, 2013

5K fartlek

Mixed feelings here.

YAY! I finally did complete this workout!
YAY! The weather was nice!
YAY! My shins were fine today!
YAY! I can probably start training full-bore again!

BUT...I was slow, my hip DID hurt and I stopped for 30 sec at 3K to do a brief piriformis stretch (which helped, and I was able to finish then), and despite working hard at it and losing weight each of the past few weeks, I seem to have regained it. Ughhhhh. Maybe that last one is the real problem (in terms of my grumpy mood). I don't know. Add in to the mix that my daughter was throwing up early this morning and so I had to take her to work with me (she was fine by this time, but I couldn't take her to school) and it threw me off even more. I'm in a mood.

Yeah, I was slow. I started off OK, but the workout quickly got painful. The first few weeks of training again always hurt so much. I wish there was a way to bypass them somehow, but instead I really need to learn to just accept them for what they are, not read too much into the rest of the season from them, and just keep on doing them. On the bright side, I did feel better moodwise once I was done.

Times? Here they are:
fast 2:44.1, 2:48.4
med 3:02.7
fast 2:45.6
med 3:09.5
fast 2:50.6
med 3:03.1
fast 2:53.1
med 3:09.0
fast 2:55.1

It's dubious if I can even call many of those "fast" or "medium". Ughhhhh. My legs were just not going to move well today I suppose. At least my shins didn't hurt. I focused a LOT on technique, especially on using my glutes and pushing all the way through my toes (the PT noticed on the treadmill test that while I am moving through my toes I'm not getting much PUSH off of them, which I concur with - if I try to really push my calves get whiny, so I guess I've not been doing enough of that). I also worked a lot on keeping my core engaged and standing up straight and tucking my butt under. Lots to think about.

Total time: a slow 29:21 with ave HR 157.
Garmin data here.

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