Friday, April 12, 2013

cross-training; 8K

Yesterday I rode the stationary bike for 50 min for cross-training, in addition to doing my PT exercises. Kelly was there for part of it, and we got to enjoy chatting, but then she had to go and I was glad for my book and the news on TV.

My hip was a little irritated yesterday, still, from the speed work. I think I erred by doing the elliptical right after the speed work on Wednesday instead of riding the bike. It's just that I hate the bike...sigh....


Today I was to do 8K. The weather was seasonal and quite lovely, at 41F (5C) with a slight breeze. Before I started, I did some step-downs with the PT band around my knees to get the glutes activated. When I started out, my hip felt pretty darn good. However, it quickly started to feel a bit irritated, and I stopped briefly to stretch after only 1km. Perhaps it was the pace...I was going a bit fast. I need to slow it down a bit and relax. Regardless, I was able to finish the workout just fine, but I did have to stop fairly frequently to stretch/do step-downs/do leg swings.

Coach wants me to try 15K tomorrow. I'm going to try, and will hope that going slower will do the trick. If I have too much discomfort I will definitely cut the workout short though. I do NOT want to be going backwards here - I've been making good progress and need to keep things that way!

Total time 47:26 for 5:56/km with ave HR 151. When I got home I rolled out my hips thoroughly on the medicine ball, which seemed to help. The right hip has been a bit irritated at work today, though; I've been sitting a bit more than usual which probably doesn't help.

Garmin data here.

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