Saturday, April 13, 2013

15K! Yay!

Yay! I made it to 15K!

Brief post as I've lots to do before friends come over tonight.

Weather: 46F (8C) and cloudy and calm. Later in the day it's gotten windy and is threatening rain, so I'm glad I got to go early.

Injury: stretched out and rolled it out on the medicine ball before starting. Then I did PT exercises (step-downs with band) before I started to activate the glutes. I also did them at 8K and 12.5K, and stretched briefly at 5K and 10K. That seemed to work.

The walk: I went slowly, on purpose. I decided that yesterday it hurt more because I went faster, so today I took it really easy. That turned out to be really smart, because I got tired about 12K or so (legs just fatigued a bit) and then I still had enough in the tank to push a little to 15K and not totally die. My hip never gave me discomfort greater than 1/10 on the typical pain scale, which was good. Overall, I did well, but it did make me pretty tired. I'm obviously out of RW conditioning! I've been pretty draggy the rest of the day, though I've been busy doing lots of things, which has contributed.

Total time: 1:35:46 for 6:23/km with 5K splits of 31:35, 32:14, 31:57; average HR 142. I'm happy with that, considering.

I was thinking today how nice it would be to have a local coach. I felt I needed someone to watch my technique. However, there ARE no local coaches in Utah, and at least I have a great coach even if he is far away. I will have to send Jim some video, and perhaps get Kelly to watch me sometime this week. I'm going to PT on Monday and the PT will help with my technique as well. Today I just felt I couldn't really get into a good rhythm, though I did settle in a bit better at around 5K. It's hard to keep all the things I need to fix in mind!

Garmin data here.

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