Monday, April 15, 2013

cross-training; 10K

Yesterday I cross-trained for an hour on the stationary bike. I thought about biking outside, but it was too windy and it just felt nasty cold despite the sunshine.


Today I did 10K. The weather was a bit icky; 36F (2C) and spitting snow/sleet/freezing rain. My legs were very, very tired for some reason. At 6km they started to get really heavy, and they just gave up about 8-8.5km. My injured hip started to really bother me (up to 3/10 on the pain scale), and it was just not good. I feel better now, and it was probably just a bad day, but it was ugly. I lost about 0.6km from my watch because I forgot to push start after stretching just after 7km. The 10K was at about 6:18/km with average HR 140.

I had a PT session today and got video and treadmill analysis again. It was helpful...but discouraging. I still have some of the same bad habits. Not engaging core. Not using glutes. Hip hitching. Knees were (barely) straight). Ugh! Still, it looked better than the last video two months ago, but that was when I was injured and it was really hurting. The PT gave me some cool new exercises that should help me activate glutes and core while walking, as well as strengthening my left hip (which is not as strong as R hip - too much hip drop on R side, though better than the last video). 

Garmin data here.

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