Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I was supposed to do 10K. I didn't make it. But I did make it 8K, and I didn't hurt myself.

The weather was pretty nice at 39F (4C) and calm and clear. It's getting light earlier, so even though I left pretty early, it wasn't completely pitch black out, and it got light partway through my workout. I appreciate that!

When I started off, my shins were still sore, but not as bad as yesterday. I figured I could play it by ear. My body felt very tired, though, and I wasn't moving very well in general. It just wasn't a good day. I had to stop frequently (about every km) to stretch various body parts, and everything felt like such a hard effort even though my heart rate was only about 140. When I had a 3:24 500m split at 6km, I decided to call it quits at 8km rather than pushing to 10km. Good call. By the time I got to 8km I was done. My hip was starting to bother me, my shins were unhappy, and I was tired.

Geez. I really do want to train hard again, but it's just not happening. It's very frustrating, but what got me through this morning's workout was that no matter how frustrating and painful it is, it beats the stationary bike.

Total time 51:12 for 8km; average pace 6:24/km (so slooooow), and ave HR 140.

Garmin data here.

It's lunch time now and my shins and hip are still whining. Ugh. I plan to do a 5K fartlek tomorrow at the track. Hopefully I'll recover enough by then.

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