Saturday, April 06, 2013


This morning I had 10K to do. Before I started I activated my glutes with some step-downs with the band around my knees, and I did a few planks for good measure to get my core warmed up. Then I started off, and right away I noticed my legs were tired, especially my left glutes. Apparently I used them well yesterday, which is good, but meant today would be tough. It was, but since it was only 10K I got through it OK. I just slowed a bit at the end.

At least the weather was lovely. It was about 46F (7C) and calm and overcast. It did rain a bit later in the day but not while I was walking. We seem to be having a mild spring; perhaps it's making up for our cold and long winter? Or maybe the nasty weather is still waiting to get us.

I focused a lot on my form again today. It's quite hard to concentrate that much, but it's good for me. I did stop to stretch fairly frequently, as my legs were more tired today than when I did the 10K on Monday. My left leg even bothered me a bit at a few points.

Total time: 1:02:23 for 6:14/km with ave HR just 144.

Garmin data here.


Later in the day I went skating with the kids. I was working on my 3-turns, Mohawk combination, waltz jump, and Mazurka. It was all fine, except that I almost fell once and in trying to catch myself I pulled my left leg a bit and it hurts at the top of the hamstring. Could be the gluteus maximus at the bottom, but I think it's the hamstring. Hopefully it's nothing too much, as I'm not sure I'm mentally ready for another injury. Probably shouldn't do figure skating, but I like it. All the same, I love racewalking, and if figure skating gets in the way it'll have to go.

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