Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cross-training: Observation Point hike with Jim

Today I cross-trained with my coach. I got to torture him and it was sweet payback for all the fartleks, kickdowns, and interval workouts. Actually, though he found the hike strenuous (who wouldn't), he did just fine and made it to the top with energy to spare for flirting with the college student who was hiking in very short shorts and a purple lace Victoria's-Secret-type bra. Yes, I'm totally serious...I should have taken her picture, as it was a pretty outrageous outfit.

I'm not going to blog about the hike itself in great detail; I did that last year in this post. It's one of the best hikes anywhere, if you're up to the 8 miles/13km of hiking with 2144ft/655m of elevation gain. This year it took Jim and I 3 hr and 42 min to do the hike; I did it alone last year in 2 hr 41 min, so I guess the coach slowed me down a bit :). I didn't mind at all, though, as the conversation was good and the views breathtaking. We met a bunch of people, notably a very kind Englishman who was doing this hike as his first hike since anterior compartment surgery 11 months ago. He took this photo of us at the top:

After the hike, we did a shorter hike of the Riverwalk, and then bought a few souvenirs at the Visitors Center. We drove back to our lodging and enjoyed pizza and beer and ice cream! Then my mom and I took a dip in the hot tub to loosen up. Finally, the best (and worst) part of the day was the sports massage Jim gave me. Seriously, it hurt...but in a good way and I think it got rid of a bunch of nasty knots in some various muscles. OK, I'm getting totally spoiled. In-person coaching, lots of great tips on technique, and sports massage. Excellent.

more pictures of our hike here
pictures of our Bryce Canyon hike yesterday

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