Tuesday, June 07, 2011


My legs are very, very sore from racewalking. Pretty amusing! Seriously, my upper shins (NOT where I was injured) are really painful - but it's just the nice muscle soreness type of painful. This rarely happens to me, but I guess not training for a month will do that to you.

So, today my coach said it would be good to cross-train. I did the elliptical for 45 minutes. Wheeeeeee!

Also, forgot to mention that I did weight training on Monday - a good hard set that left me sore in a few places (lats, pecs).


This afternoon I had PT. They assessed me, said I was coming along nicely (which I am) and gave me some exercises. They seem like useful exercises, and I'm going to be diligent to do them. They said to come back in 2 weeks.


I've not been getting enough sleep - work has been crazy, with LOTS of experiments. I was in every 12 hr all weekend. My sleep schedule is completely wonky now. Up late, and up early. Plus, my coach Jim is arriving here tomorrow. I don't sleep well when I have company, because I get too excited/anxious/something and wake early and can't get back to sleep. My mind races, wanting to know that I'm taking good care of whoever it is. Well, I'm really glad Jim is coming so I guess I'll have to live with the sleep deprivation!

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Nyle said...

I am so pleased for you.....no pain except for the feeling of a well worked shin!!! thats awesome.

Its going to be such a great few days with Jim....you will learn so much from him. Try not to worry too much.