Friday, June 10, 2011

3K fartlek and hiking

Thursday morning I did a fast 3K fartlek with my coach "flogging" me. Well, he said he was going to, but he didn't! And Nyle, he did stop me after 5 steps, but it was a joke :). I started with 1600m warm-up and I actually made it 3/4 of the way around the track before he stopped me to talk form. Apparently I need to do some work but it's not too bad overall. He says my left leg is much smoother than my right, and that my right leg needs to come through lower (hip lower) and I need to get more push off my right foot and roll all the way through the toes. My right leg apparently has more of a "cycling" action - i.e. the knee is going a bit too high and things are a bit out of whack. Also, I have a tiny bit of a "sit" - i.e. I need to tuck my rear end under a bit more. It's not bad, pretty subtle, but something to work on a little.

Anyway, the fartlek went well considering I've had a month w/o much training. I did the first 1K in 5:32, and then 500 medium in 3:07, 500 fast in 2:48, 500 medium in 3:07, 500 fast in 2:46 for a total of 17:22. That's actually a personal best 3K fartlek, but in a way that's not saying much since usually these are done to start up again after a hiatus, so they're typically pretty slow. However, the fact that I was this fast after a month w/o racewalking is a good sign. With a little training to get my endurance up I'm still hopeful for some PRs in Sacramento.


We drove to Bryce Canyon after that, and did a nice hike of the Navajo Loop and Queen's Garden. Jim hurt his knee slipping in the first few minutes of the hike but never let on until later that evening that he was hurt. However, he taped it and iced and took a few anti-inflammatories and is hoping to be good to go for today's hike of Observation Point in Zion. Speaking of which...we'd better get going because it's late and it will get HOT if we don't get there soon!

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