Friday, June 24, 2011

hot and hilly 10K

Yesterday was a rest day.


This morning I went to the gym and warmed up on the elliptical, then did some PT and core stuff with Lisa.


Today I was to do 10K. I was worried about my shin, but it was totally fine. No problems. I even did a hilly route and that didn't bother it.

It was hot today - 82F (28C). I purposely waited until noon to racewalk so that I'd get in some heat training. Not fun, but necessary for Sacramento. It could be that hot or hotter for our races, given the times (5K is at 8pm or something like that; 20K is 9:15 am). I wore my race singlet and discovered I chafe badly under my arms in a singlet at that temperature. Good to know. Body Glide is my friend...hopefully that will help.

My GPS was completely wonky today on the way out. I went to a bit past what I thought was 5km from previous workouts here, just to be sure I really did 10K. GPS read 4.6...NOT! But it also kept saying it couldn't find the satellites. Grrrr. So, my splits are lousy, at least splits 1-10 are garbage. Splits 11-20 are probably correct, more or less. They are pretty variable because of the up and down on the route.

I was working pretty hard and felt hot and sweaty, but mostly just happy my shin didn't hurt. I finished 10.6K (measured it on USATF mapit after the fact) in 1:07:14 for 6:20/km; average HR 151. Garmin connect data here.

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Harriet said...

A bit of strategically placed body-glide will make your "after workout shower" much more pleasant. :-)