Tuesday, June 21, 2011

8K fartlek - new PR - smokin' fast :)!

Before I start, I forgot to blog yesterday - I did 40 min on the elliptical, plus core and stretching with Lisa at the gym.


The weather was ideal this morning: about 55F (13C) and clear, with a little breeze. I was in quite a mood when I got up and not wanting to do this workout, but I knew I'd feel better when it was done. I was a bit worried the running club would be at the track like they were last week, because if 25-30 runners are there I wouldn't get lane 1, and would have to do the workout on the road. I'd rather do this one on the track at this point to more accurately gauge my fitness and speed. However, the were not there (whew!). There were about 4 other runners there, but they were OK passing me, so it was good.

I warmed up for 1600m in just over 10 min, with a few strides. I also did my dynamic flexibility drills, as my hamstrings and glutes were a bit tight. I tried to psych myself up and think positive thoughts. Quite a few negative thoughts were protruding into my mind, and I countered them with positive ones (a Weight Watchers technique, and it though it feels a bit silly I think it helps). OK, time to get going! 1K hard, then 500m medium/500m hard to the finish.

My first 1K was nice and fast at 5:31. Good. Now to keep the momentum going. I pushed hard, harder than usual. I wanted a good time today. I got to 3K in 17:09, a PR. I was feeling it, though. I wondered if I had the strength to keep the pace. I saw that I could get to 5K in under 29 min, and so I kept pushing. I reached 5K in 28:58, also a PR. (And wow, only 22 seconds off my RACE PR for that distance!). Now I really worried I couldn't hold it, but I had to try. I kept thinking about my form and trying to make sure my right knee went through low like Jim said, as well as tucking my butt under and leaning forward from my ankles a bit. It helped, I think. My glutes are sore now, later today, and that's a good sign that I have changed my technique a bit - it's more glute than hamstring soreness, which is what I want. The 7th km was my slowest, as my fast 500 was 2:52 (all the others were 2:50 or less) and my medium was 3:08. I did have just a bit left though, as I finished my last 500 fast in 2:49, giving it my all and sprinting for the line, as I knew I was on target to actually be under 47 min!

Total time 46:52, a new PR for 8K fartlek, and a confidence-builder. Average HR was 166 (wow! I was pushing this one hard!), and average pace was 5:51/km. If I could have kept the pace for 2km more (it would have been hard!) I would have broken my 10K race PR by 12 seconds. This means it's likely that I can break my 10K PR in Sacramento - Jim says based on today I'd be high 56s or low 57s. I would be super happy with that!

Garmin connect data here.

I needed this workout. I am a bit sore now after sitting a lot at work today analyzing data, but I'm feeling much more confident.


Nyle said...


and with that folks....Tammy's back!!!!!!

I am as excited as a dog with two tails right now.......so so happy for you!!!!

Harriet said...

Good workouts are always fun, aren't they? :-)