Monday, June 06, 2011

easy 6K

Today I was to try 6K. It went fine! I wasn't even that terribly slow, and best of all, my right shin was fine. Actually, my left shin was a little sore from not racewalking for so long, and my hamstrings & glutes are now a bit sore, along with my adductors. I don't mind at all though. The weather was glorious (57F, 13C) and sunny, and I thoroughly enjoyed being in Liberty Park. I saw the usual people there: the guy with the forward lean and long arm swing, and my friend Henry, a 70ish guy who is out there daily. I hadn't seen Henry all winter and worried that he wasn't OK, but turns out he'd been walking in the afternoon when it's warmer, and he just switched back to mornings now that we actually have decent weather again.

I did the 6.3K around Liberty Park in 39:16, for 6:12/km w/ave HR of 148. That's actually maybe the fastest I've done that route! I feel I've only lost a little bit of racewalking fitness. I'm excited to train again!!!!

Garmin connect data here.

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Nyle said...

That is the best news this week!!

I am so happy for you - No Pain and you can now start training again.

Keep it up :)