Tuesday, June 14, 2011

fast 5K fartlek

I felt lousy this morning. There was a thunderstorm last night and the dogs woke me up at 1:30 am whining. I let them out and then realized they were whining because of the thunderstorm. Grrrrrr. I let them in and went back to sleep but I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. Add to that a bit of a sore throat on the right side and a stuffy right ear, and it wasn't looking good. Then I noticed that my right shin was the tiniest bit sore. I think it's from the PT exercises I did yesterday, and not from the racewalking. Finally, I checked facebook and saw that my friend Nyle had a killer 7x1km workout, and though I was very happy for her, of course I started to compare myself (DOH! should not do that! She's been able to train and I haven't!) and felt discouraged. Oh well, nothing to do about it except get out and do the best workout I could.

The weather was perfect - 54F (12C) and calm and sunny. I love summer here! I did a slow warm-up, thinking I might have to quit because of my shin. However, it felt better as I warmed up, and I knew it would be OK. I did 1.71km in 11:04 for 6:27/km, including a couple pick-ups at the end. Then I did a few dynamic flexibility drills to loosen up. Everything is still a bit sore from getting back into longer miles; my hamstrings and glutes are tight/sore, and so are my abductors.

I got started and enjoyed the fast slight downhill, doing a very fast 1km (for me) in 5:23 (2:38, 2:45). I followed that up with a 3:00 recovery (fast!) and worried that I had gone out too fast. But I managed pretty well for most of the rest of the workout, doing 2:48/3:09, 2:52/3:04, 2:47/3:20 (uphill recovery, and I was trashed by this point), and finally a 2:49 to finish in 29:14 (ave HR 164, ave pace 5:51/km)!!! That was a new PR for me for this workout by 9 seconds. Not bad after a month's layoff. I'd be really thrilled except that I keep comparing myself to others...sigh...must really stop that and focus on getting my own PR and just having fun and doing the best that I can. I feel fortunate to be training again; my friend Katie Grimes is suffering from really bad IT band problems and I hope it doesn't keep her from racing next month.

Garmin connect data here

My foot felt fine today; my shin is perhaps a tiny bit sore but I think it's going to be fine. I've cooled down a bit and it's not hurting, so hopefully it will be all right.


Nyle said...

Tammy thats a great work out!! well done and with sore and tight muscles too.

I am just as bad as you for comparing to others and yes I must also stop doing it. :)

What great recoveries.....you really did a great walk and got a PR too..... WAY TO GO!

Harriet said...

"That was a new PR for me for this workout by 9 seconds. Not bad after a month's layoff. I'd be really thrilled except that I keep comparing myself to others"

Ok, Tammy, I'll say it: you aren't going to walk in an Olympic games, ok?

so now relax and enjoy your PR. There will ALWAYS be someone faster out there. It is that you have to look harder to find them than I do.