Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10K kickdown w/the coach. PR for this workout!

Yesterday: 30 min elliptical (sooooo busy!!!)

Today: It's late. Busy day w/the coach, getting in a workout, showing him around our city, and watching him give our club a racewalking clinic. Then the club took him out to dinner at Squatter's, a local brew pub. Nice day! But now it's late and I haven't posted.

Today's workout was a 10K kickdown. A toughie, though 12K or 15K or 20K or even 25K kickdowns are possible...however, in my not-quite-trained state the 10K was enough of a challenge. This one was in 4 splits of 2.5K each, with each segment a bit faster. By the last one, yeah, you're dying. Coach talked me through it, riding alongside on the bike. We were going to do it at the track, but the running club was there :( and it was too crowded for me to have lane 1. So, off to Liberty Park we went.

Results: 60:29 total time, and my splits were 15:38, 15:24 (31:02), 15:01 (46:03), and 14:28 (60:29). Ave HR was 156 for the whole thing, but for the last 2.5K it was in the low 170s. Ouch. Yeah, it hurt. A lot. But it's done now and it's fitness in the bank, so to speak. And it was a PR for this workout, since my last 10K kickdown PR was 60:40. Not bad.

Garmin connect data here.

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