Wednesday, June 22, 2011

15K shortened to 11.7K

Today I was to do 15K. The weather was beautiful, just like yesterday. I felt good, except for muscle soreness in hamstrings & glutes. My shin had bothered me just the slightest bit yesterday during the workout, though not afterward. Today it felt fine, but during the first few km it was a little stiff. It loosened up and things were fine until about 9km. Then it started to bother me a little - it didn't hurt exactly, I just was noticing it. I don't want to notice it. By 10K it was a little worse; on the edge of actual pain. I stopped to call Jim. He was asleep but Erin talked to me (an elite RWer who Jim also coaches) and she told me to stop and go home. I figured she was right, so I racewalked the 1.7km back home. I was bummed about stopping because I was having a great workout - I was at 1:02:13 for 10K. I took it a bit easy on the way home, though.

I'm actually not that worried about this. I think it's going to be just fine - I stopped before it was a problem, and I'm wearing my boot today and icing it (twice so far, and more to come I hope). I have an optional day tomorrow since I cross-trained on Monday, and then an easy 10K Friday and a 5K race Saturday. I think I'll be fine after resting it tomorrow.

I was a bit disappointed not to be able to do 15K today, as getting that distance a few times a week is part of the strategic plan right now. Jim said it would be OK, though, and that we'd change Sunday's 15K to a 20K instead and that would work fine. Hopefully I'll be all right for 20K on Sunday - I'm excited to do it if my leg holds up.

Totals: 1:13:17 for the 11.71km, for 6:15/km with ave HR 146.

Garmin connect data here.

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