Friday, June 03, 2011

Thursday & Friday workouts

Yesterday I did the elliptical for 45 min, just easy, no intervals or anything.

Today I took a spinning class. I worked my leg harder today and tried more stuff; faster cadence, more resistance, etc. and it did just fine. It feels great now (lunch time). I think I might be ready to try racewalking again soon. Perhaps a few more days, and then just testing it out gradually. Actually, tomorrow I'm supposed to help teach a racewalking clinic here, so I'm sure to do a little bit then. Don't worry, I will take it really easy and will stop immediately at the first hint of discomfort. I can't afford another setback!

Back to spinning - it was a good class with lots of tough intervals, climbing, and sprinting. Plus it was heat training - it was really hot in the gym today. It's always like that at the change of seasons around here. You might be baking hot or freezing cold. Not just in the gym but everywhere. Work is icy-cold right now because of 1) the construction guys leaving all the windows open, and 2) the new HVAC unit seems to be very strong on the A/C side. They'll get it figured out but it's cold in the meantime - my boss said it was 17C in here this morning...brrr...on the positive side, my zebrafish embryos developed more slowly so I had more time to do my injections this morning (you have to do them at the one-cell stage), and that was nice.

OK, I'm rambling...

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Nyle said...

so glad to hear you are spinning with no pain!! yay....take it real easy with the first race walk you do.... but I cant wait to hear how you went.