Saturday, September 12, 2009

TNT Saturday

The team had 18 miles this morning. I knew I was not going to do that many... it was hard, but I kept myself to 12.75. I'm tired so this will be a quick post - long busy day, but a good one. Anyway, I did probably 8-9 miles of that at a reasonably decent pace, and the rest more slowly; actually, the slow stuff was harder today! My foot didn't hurt at all while racewalking, but was slightly achy while walking slowly. It mostly ached in the middle of the foot, probably from the almost 2 weeks of not walking much, rather than from my injury. The pain from the injury was more in the ball of the foot.

I walked with the runners to start with, and then for a bit with the walkers. Total was about 7.7 miles at that point. Then I took an hour break in one of the parks along the Jordan River trail while they went farther out; I just didn't want to push my luck with my foot, even though it was feeling good. Then we had 5 miles to come back. I started with some of the moderate paced runners (doing 11-12 min miles) for about a mile, and then I went with one of our faster runners who was doing 10:15-10:30 miles (but she did alternate some walking with the running) for the remaining 4 miles. It was great to be back out there, and my foot is still feeling decent even after that long day. YAY!!!! My doctor is awesome!!!!

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Nyle said...

Wow thats fantastic. You must be feeling on top of the world.

Hey can you wrap your doctor up and post him my