Tuesday, September 15, 2009

cranky foot

Yesterday my foot did not hurt at all after the 22-miler. It was perhaps a little achy, but not a problem (deceptively so, as it turned out).

This morning I decided to forego racewalking just to be safe. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical instead, which does not require bending my foot at the toe. It was a good workout, and I actually like it a lot more than swimming. I can listen to my iPod, and also watch the TV at the gym.

I'm glad I did not racewalk this morning. After working all day and standing and walking a lot at work (I was doing in situ hybridizations and making a bunch of solutions), my foot was very cranky. I have now spent most of the evening lying down with ice on it, and it's feeling better. I think I need to stay off of it until Saturday, given that it's irritated again. This time it is really not too painful, but it is pretty achy and I know it's not happy with me. Thankfully, work on Thursday & Friday will be more sitting-intensive (I have a bunch of time booked on the confocal microscope), so that will help.

Saturday I am coaching 3 team members for the Top of Utah marathon; I had planned to do maybe 12-14 miles. Hopefully that will still be in the cards. I want to be a good coach, but I also have my own race to think about. Sue will be there to help me with the race, thankfully (or I'd be doing much more than 12-14!), but still... it could get up there in miles.

Tomorrow I have some weight training in mind - but nothing involving the foot! I am thinking I will bike to class, as I doubt that will bother my foot as long as I'm careful about how I pedal.

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Nyle said...

Hi ya Tammy.....glad you listened to your body. It pays to sometimes lol

I am sure a day of rest and ice will see you back up and at it again in no time flat.