Saturday, September 05, 2009

because you asked

Lani asked me what Swedish Fish are. She lives in Sweden, so I don't blame her for being curious; I found out that they really are originally made in Sweden. I personally have only seen the red ones, but apparently they come in several flavors.

From Wikipedia:
In Sweden, the Swedish Fish candy is marketed under the name "pastellfiskar,"[5] literally "pale colored fishes." The fish in Sweden are generally much paler in color and more translucent (save the black fish). In particular, the yellow fish color is almost cream. The taste also differs slightly, the Swedish version being less sweet but more fruit-flavored, especially the yellow one, which is more tangy. The green fish is not lime flavored; the green candy color in Scandinavia is usually associated with apple or pear flavor. They are slightly thicker, have the text "Malaco" instead of "Swedish" embossed, and stick less to the teeth.[original research?]

"Pastellfiskar" are also sold at Swedish IKEA stores under the name Swedish Fish (and a slightly different bag), but they are still the same Scandinavian "Pastellfiskar" rather than the North American Swedish Fish


Lani said...

I think I've tried them--I seem to recall something like dried-out, sour, gummy bears. Now I'll have to keep an eye open for them. I certainly never realized there was a North American variant.

My husband likes the salt-licorice variety (saltafiskar) which are black. I don't even like normal (sweet) licorice, so these are extra disgusting!

Tammy said...

Here, they are not sour at all. The red ones are very sweet and have a fake cherry flavor that I actually really enjoy :).

Ashley said...

I have a crazy addiction to those things. So, tasty!