Thursday, May 31, 2012

3K fartlek - huge PR!

I'm sure I was legal today. I watched my shadow, and I felt my right knee straightening under me. I was careful to stand upright and use my left glutes. I also worked this one very hard, because after all, it was only 3K. After a thorough 1600m warm-up at a moderate pace with some nice hard strides on the last 400 (in a fast 9:21 total), I did my dynamic stretching and got going. I worked the first 1km really hard, doing 2:35 and 2:40 for the 500s for a total of 5:15 for the km. I eased off a little but still did a 2:50 medium effort! Then worked it very hard to get 2:39, 2:55, 2:39 to finish with 16:18 for the 3km, 6 seconds faster than my RACE PR of 16:24. Nice! I was a bit surprised I could go so hard, because my legs were fairly sore from the glute workout on Tuesday, but obviously not too sore to go fast! My heart rate was pretty high, as you'd expect, averaging a whopping 172 on the last 500, with 176 max at the end.

Garmin data here.


It was a short workout, so I biked to work for a little more cardio. I think the biking is helping my glutes, too. The hill from my house to work is a great workout...up 700ft in just a little over 3 miles.


Harriet said...

NICE!!!! I'll bet that you can't wait for your next race.

Tammy said...

Haha funny you should mention that...I have a judged 5K here on Saturday. We actually found a few RW judges and our club is hosting the race at Liberty Park in conjunction with USATF. All the same, I'm a bit apprehensive despite this morning's fast workout.