Tuesday, May 22, 2012

rest day; cross-training

I rested on Monday, except for some figure skating practice.


Today I did 15 min on the elliptical, and rode my bike to work. My legs actually feel really good today, and are hardly sore at all. Unusual for after a hard race...but I guess this one wasn't so hard, since I was so slow? Regardless, I'm recovering well.

Tonight the whole family went for our usual Tuesday night family skating lesson. The kids are doing well and will probably pass their levels with a little additional practice. I can now do an inside Mohawk on both sides, outside and inside 3-turns on each foot, and power 3-turns on each foot. I seem to be improving, gradually. I'm still terrified of spins and jumps, though. Well, one thing at a time. Oh, and I ordered some ice skates today! Loren got them for me for my birthday, and I'm just now getting around to ordering them. The bad news is that my size is backordered until June 27th, but I've waited this long, so what's another month?

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