Saturday, May 05, 2012


It's been a long week and I wasn't sure how my body would handle this workout today. I figured I was recovered enough to have a decent walk, but you never know.

I was pretty careful about what I ate yesterday and did my usual pre-long-workout imodium, but for some reason my GI system was not happy this morning. I have heard that there is something nasty going around, so maybe that is it, but I don't think so. It seemed like the usual racewalking trouble. It's been better of late, but every once in a while it strikes.

The weather was decent, at 46F (7.8C) and overcast, but with a fairly stiff breeze on and off. The wind didn't hinder me too much, though, and I didn't get cold, so I can't complain.

I took the first 5K nice and easy, and the slight downhill got me there in 30:17. I got a little tired around 6-7km, but recovered nicely with some clif shot blocks at 8km, and got to 10km in 1:01:13 (30:55). Then my GI system started acting up and I had to stop just before 11km at a gas station. Once I got going again I felt fine and made it to 15K in 1:31:51 (30:38). However, about 17km my legs got really tired and my GI distress increased again. Ughhhh. I slogged my way through to 20K in 2:03:46 for a slow last 5K of 31:56.

Still, I'm pleased, because I was under 2:04 on a day when I had some distress at the end. I'm sure I'd have been under 2:03 if not for that last 3km. I was very attentive to my technique today and sure I was legal. I've been a bit concerned about that since making such fast progress, but I think it is probably OK as long as I'm paying close attention to it.

This was my last long one before the 15K race on May 20th. I think I'll be ready for a fast time!

Garmin data here.

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