Tuesday, May 08, 2012


I actually felt well-rested when I woke up this morning. My legs were a bit tired from yesterday's track workout, but I didn't feel too bad. The weather was good, too - 50F (10C) and breezy. I'm enjoying our nice warm spring this year, after the really cold springs we had the last two years.

I focused on staying legal today, as I did yesterday at the track. I've been worried that my right knee is a bit soft, so I am taking care to be sure it feels straight. The last thing I need is to get DQ'd after traveling to do a race!

I felt very good today until about 8km (5K split on the slight downhill was 29:45), and then I was tired on the last couple km up the slight incline home. Still, I was quite fast considering that I had a hard track workout yesterday.

Total time for 10km: 1:00:31 (6:03/km) with average heart rate of just 143.

Garmin data here.


Edited to add: after my workout I biked with the kids to school, returned home and got ready for work, and then biked up the hill to work. It felt good to work some different muscles. I'm trying to drive less and bike/take public transit more. Yesterday I took the bus to work. Let's see if I can avoid driving the car to work all week.

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