Wednesday, September 14, 2011

optional day

Today is an optional day. My left ankle/foot (lateral, just below and behind fibula) is still bothering me - it was really bad for the first few steps I took around the house, but after walking around a bit it's OK. I went to the gym and did some PT exercises, some light weights, and some core exercises. After I warmed up thoroughly, I racewalked one lap around the ice rink, and the ankle/foot felt fine. Hopefully with a few more days' rest, ice, anti-inflammatories, etc., it will be OK.

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Nyle said...

I am sure your ankle will be just fine. Try hard to just ignore it...dont focus on it as you will start thinking the worst. Keep positive. I know you will pr this weekend and I will be sending fast strong feet thoughts your way!!!

We are doing the Queen Charlotte Relay through the Marlborough sounds....absolutely gorgeous scenery!