Friday, September 02, 2011


I felt much better today. I was still sore from Wednesday's 20K, but not too bad. The weather was PERFECT. A cool front came through and it was 57F (14C). It felt so refreshing and cool the whole workout. I'm sure that helped my time. The only bad thing today was that I had GI issues and had to stop for the restroom at 7K or so. Then I was fine. Not sure what I ate yesterday but something was not so good. But I really did feel great other than that. I felt smooth and fast and strong again. Whew. After Wednesday's 20K I was a bit worried! But the combination of rest (cross-training yesterday) and lower temps was very helpful. Total time 1:01:32, ave HR 143, 6:09/km. First 5K 30:33 (downhill & flat), second 5K 30:59 (flat & uphill). Garmin connect data here.

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Nyle said...

you are doing GREAT!!! great job on the 10km. Shame about the GI issues...who knows what sets the body off ay.

keep up the awesome walking.