Thursday, September 15, 2011

3x1km at 85% effort

I like the taper. It makes me feel a bit antsy, but it's nice to have short, easy workouts. Today's was 3x1km @ 85% effort. I warmed up for 1600m and had a fun conversation while doing so. I was going around the track counterclockwise as usual, while the high school x-country team went around clockwise after getting back from their workout. Their coach was going around with them, and he saw me and yelled to me, "You doing Top on Saturday?", referring to the Top of Utah marathon.

"Yes!" I shouted back.

"I'll see you there!" he said.

200m later we crossed paths again.

"Looks like it might rain," he said.

200m later:

"Yes, it does, but hopefully it won't snow or be really hot," I said.

200m later:

"You staying up there Friday night?" he asked.

"Yes." I replied.

After I finished my warm-up and dynamic stretching, I talked to him for a minute before starting my 3x1km. I introduced myself and he said, "Oh, I know who you are. I'm Bill Cobler, vice-president of USATF Utah." He said he was planning on doing a 2:40 marathon (he's in his early 50s I think) but that he was going to have to slow it down to maybe a 2:50 because he tore his MCL a few weeks ago. Wow, that's fast, regardless. I was a bit embarrassed to say I was shooting for a 4:25, but I told him anyway.

We talked a few minutes more and then I started my 1Ks. I felt great today. My ankle didn't bother me at all (more on that below). My foot feels better after a rest day, too. I did 5:42, 5:42, and 5:41 for my 1Ks, with 3' rest in between, and the effort was not bad, with ave HR 151, 150, and 155 for the intervals. I'm ready for a PR, if all goes well :).

I figured out why my ankle was hurting. It has nothing to do with racewalking. On Sunday evening we were at my parents' house and I misstepped between their house and garage, twisting my left ankle on the 3-inch step. It hurt quite a bit and I was limping for a few minutes, but then it felt OK and I promptly forgot about it. Then on Monday and Tuesday it bothered me in my workouts and at rest; yesterday it was a bit better even though I walked around the state fair with the kids. Today it felt totally fine at my track workout and I was pondering this when I remembered twisting it on Sunday. Ahhhhhh, that makes sense! It's not a racewalking injury, and so the track workout didn't make it worse. Yay! I feel SO relieved. I'm ready, in good shape, and more or less uninjured (slight L foot issues, but nothing at all I'm worried about).

Garmin connect data here.


Hunca Munca said...

So cool! You are famous! Can't wait to do the Top with you :-)

Nyle said...

You are on fire and well on your way for that final PR.... even though I cant be there on the side line cheering you on...picture me, david and lis all with huge pompoms leaping and yelling like crazy. That will keep you going!!!