Wednesday, September 07, 2011

8K fartlek

I checked the temperature before I went outside today. 63F (17C). "Good, that should work," I thought. But the minute I opened the door I heard the wind. Oh boy. It was really, really windy! Well, at least it wasn't cold.

I drove to the track and got started. The nordic pole walker was there again, as were a couple runners who were (annoyingly) running the wrong direction in lane 1. Fortunately, they went around me as I worked out. I warmed up for 1600m in 10:00 with a few strides in the last 400m. I was feeling pretty good but perhaps a little tight in my left glutes. I did some dynamic stretching and that felt good.

I started out with 5:36 for the first km and wished it was a bit faster. However, my medium 500m were really good today, starting with the first one in 2:59. All except one were 3:05 or less (and the other one was a 3:07). My fasts were 2:48-2:52. It was a good, fast workout. I wondered if it would be a PR for this workout but couldn't remember how fast my PR was. I was tired for the last few km, but not too bad; however, I was REALLY tired of battling the wind by the end. Every time I came around the south end of the track the wind blasted me in the face full force, and I'm sure I lost a second or two on every lap because of it. Seriously, it was fierce.

Total time: 46:58 (NOT a PR, but close; my PR for this workout is 46:52) with ave HR 156 (this was LOW for this workout! I sure thought I was working harder than this). Ave pace 5:52/km.

Now I'm feeling a bit sore but otherwise fine. In fact, I rode my bike up to work after the workout :). I hope that I'll be OK for the 16km (10 miles) I'm supposed to do tomorrow. Last week when I had 20K after a track workout I was pretty flat, but it was a longer, harder workout, so maybe I'll be all right tomorrow. We'll see.

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