Tuesday, September 06, 2011

easy & fast 10K

Today's workout was 10K easy. It was pretty nice this morning outside; 63F (17C) and clear, though a bit humid. It's getting a bit cooler in the mornings, and darker too - a portent of things to come. I have to say that I do prefer walking when it's light, but that only happens for a small part of the year. This morning I used my headlamp, rear blinky, and reflective vest.

I felt pretty sore on Sunday after the half marathon, but by last night I was feeling pretty good and figured this morning would be no problem. I started off fast, doing the first 5K in 30:11, with my heart rate in the 140s. Pretty good! Every time my watch showed the 500m splits I was thinking, "Am I really going that fast?". I thought the GPS might be wrong, but it was showing the splits in the usual spots by the usual landmarks. I concentrated to keep my cadence and form, and worked on using my glutes as I continued. I kept the pace pretty well coming back up the hill at the end, finishing in 1:00:38 for 6:04/km (and 30:27 for the second 5K). Wow! That's my fastest easy 10K ever, I think...and my average HR was just 144. Nice. We'll have to see how tomorrow's 8K fartlek goes.

Garmin connect data here.

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