Saturday, September 10, 2011


It was windy again today, but not quite as windy as on Wednesday's track workout. The flag photo was taken on Wednesday, when the flags were snapping hard in the strong wind.

It was 64F (18C), and with the wind it was definitely not too hot. It felt great. I wish we could have these temperatures for a while longer, but sadly it's going to start getting cold again soon.

I was apprehensive about the 3K in this workout for some reason, but I shouldn't have been. It went fine. In fact, it went more than fine. About halfway through the third km, I realized I might actually be fast enough to get a PR for 3K! I sped up to make sure I nailed it. I figured if I was a bit tired for the rest of the workout that it would be more than worth it. However, I not only got the PR (16:47 (5:35, 5:39, 5:33) or 6 seconds faster than my previous PR), but I also still had the stamina to do a good job in the rest of the workout. I rested for 4 minutes, then nailed my 2K in 11:12 (5:36, 5:36). I only got 2 min rest before I was to do 1K, but still pulled off a 5:30 for the 1K! I kept expecting to feel heavy-legged and tired, but in fact I just felt stronger as the workout went on. I got 2 min rest and then 500m in 2:42, 2' rest and 500m in 2:41. Done!

Garmin connect data here.

After I finished, I was chatting with an older gentleman named Gordon Scheffler who plans on doing the Huntsman Senior Games in a few weeks. He's a long jumper, triple jumper, and sprinter, and he is often at the track working out when I'm there. He is always nice & complimentary about my racewalking and interested to learn more about the sport. I plan to see how he does in his competition.


This has been a year of PRs for me.

3K track, 16:47, 9/10/11
5K road, 27:48, 6/25/11
5K track, judged, 28:04, 7/7/11
10K road, downhill, 56:32, 7/25/11
10K road, judged, flat, 57:31, 7/12/11
15K road, judged, 1:29:03, 5/15/11
10 miles, 1:37:10, 4/16/11
20K road, judged, 2:00:37, 7/16/11
half marathon, road, downhill, 2:07:31, 4/16/11

Every PR I have set has been set this year, with the exception of the marathon. Hey, good thing I'm training for one now! Pressure's on for next weekend :). Actually, I feel sure I can PR as long as I don't have really bad GI problems or something else disastrous. Here's hoping for a great race!

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Nyle said...

You have trained so hard that it is no surprise to see you break all your PB's and it has been awesome following along with you...and even being with you for a couple!

I know that the marathon pb will fall next week too.

now...think positive and go get it!!! :)