Sunday, September 11, 2011

bike ride

Today was a cross-training day, and the weather was gorgeous this morning - 60F (15C) and overcast, with a little wind. It was chilly when I started out on my bike ride, but I warmed up quickly enough and it was perfect in my bike shorts and a tech T-shirt. I biked to do an errand (which failed...sigh...) but then biked from there up the new bike path in Tanner Park to the new bike bridge over I-80 at Parley's Canyon. I'd been wanting to try that route for a while. It's pretty steep, but I made it up OK and enjoyed the views on Wasatch Blvd. I headed up Millcreek Canyon a little ways but stopped to turn around at the base of the first really big hill past the gate house, as my time was short and I didn't feel like tackling it (it's pretty nasty!). I rode for a total of 71 min, and did 25.33 km for an average of 21.2 km/hr, which isn't bad considering how hilly that route was. But I'm also no cyclist, and I was riding my husband's rather heavy commuting hybrid bike (as usual). It was fun to get out and enjoy the fresh air and allow my legs to recover a bit from racewalking.

Garmin connect data here.

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