Monday, September 12, 2011

5K fartlek - 28 second PR!

Today I was to do a 5K fartlek. The weather was absolutely perfect at 60F (15C) and no wind. It's a gorgeous day here today, and I wish I could bottle it up and save it for January.

I went to the track a little later than usual; I had something at work that had to be done by noon and I also had a 9:40am dentist appointment that made things more interesting. So I worked from 6-7:15 or so and got to the track around 7:30.

I warmed up for the usual 1600m w/a few strides, in 9:54. I felt a bit tense/awkward on the first lap, but loosened up as I went on. I made sure to do some dynamic stretching to loosen up my legs a bit more. The left leg is still tight in the upper hamstring/lower glutes; Jim thinks maybe my lateral rotators.

Once I started, I felt very good and fast. Maybe not as smooth as my interval workout on Saturday, but I was still quite fast. I was surprised to hit the first 1K in 5:28! Then very fast medium 500m and even faster fast 500m ensued. I was pushing hard; my average HR for the workout was 161, but still, this was fast. When I got to 3K in 16:57 I knew I had a great shot to get a PR for this workout, unless I fell apart in the last 2K. I didn't.

Here are my splits ... total time was 28:30.

1 0:05:28
2 0:02:58
3 0:02:44
4 0:03:01
5 0:02:44
6 0:03:03
7 0:02:43
8 0:03:02
9 0:02:44

Garmin connect data here.

I feel SO ready for this race. Now I just have to stay healthy and eat carefully!


Nyle said...

Wow tammy you totally kicked that work out!!!

Way to go!!!! I am so excited for you and just cant wait to hear about the race too. I know you will blast it and make it look so easy. Is lauren going to come and take some video of the race?

Tammy said...

Nyle - nope, Loren is not coming, so no video...oh friend Sarah's parents are coming but don't know how technologically savvy they are. They might be able to take some video...maybe...but I'm figuring not.