Tuesday, January 12, 2016

resting up

After my icky 10K on Saturday, I decided I had to do things differently.

I took a rest day Sunday (which I usually do). Then I got a cold :(. I still have the cold, and have been making it to work but have had to nap every day to get through things. Fortunately I'm 30 hr/wk so I get off early on M-W and can take a nap w/o taking sick time.

But I still have been exercising. Monday I did 30 min elliptical and some casual walking, and today 35 min elliptical and casual walking. Plus taking naproxen and sleeping extra. My piriformis is still tender but is a lot better. Go figure.

I made an appointment with Derek Parkes of Salt Lake Sport & Spine, who does ART (Active Release Technique). He fixed my piriformis very nicely last time it was like this, and he can also check my back for any issues, as my coach wonders if there's something going on there.

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